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Introduction: My Greenhouse (slideshow)

its been finished for a while but its made from reused wood from an old deck we removed ( we build a better one ) yes its a few shots of the greenhouse and a few shots of my bonsai trees.

i'd like to hear what you think of it :)
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    Love your bonsai, I had twenty bonsai when my goat ate them while I was wintering them inside my shed. Are the walls of your greenhouse doubled like a thermal pain window?

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    at some points the plastic does overlap, but it's not doubled like a thermal pain window intentionally. i never really needed to make it stronger so i left it as is.

    it's a good 10-15 degree in the summer AND the fact that it's in the sun IE: if it's 88 degrees out, then it might be near 98-103 degrees on the inside.

    it all depends on the time of year. i dont have exact numbers but when in full sun im guessing 8 degrees, honestly thats probably wrong but when i find a few thermonitors i will get back to you on this.