my animatronic costume I wore to a local renfaire
very creative fursuit
who was the guy with the skikes that came in late and how do you make a costume like that.
You have to be really really careful with something like this... There are a lot of over eager LARPing nerds out there that may feel compelled to try and slay you.<br />
no kidding, esp when I&nbsp;go to the renfaire :)&nbsp;although I did get called barney once.<br /> <br />
Hook up some No2 and blow fire at the person who calls you barney.<br />
wow, really cool!!<br />
thanks :)&nbsp;<br />
That is cool! How did you make the wings?
the only thing I made was the animatronic controll system, the wings were made by the maker of the suit.
so are you actually controlling the wings or is someone else controlling them
I am controlling them via a tiny remote controll unit in my hand. <br /><br />

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