My Home Made Lego Usb




Introduction: My Home Made Lego Usb

this is my lego usb 

how you make it? let s read this:

i got a creditcard usb a very smal and long usb stick (the size of a creditcard) 
i took a knife and carved all the things inside the brick out. at the size of the usb stick.
and than some 1 second glue inside the brick and wait till it s hard.
(WARNING be verry carefull whit the glue because it can make you blind so wash your hands or wear gloves)

and than you maked your self a nice usb stick

!WARNING do not use your usb stick to long mabey it overhead and burn your laptop down please test it before use!

in 2011 i maked this project butt i forget to click on publish (i know verry stupid) so i lost al my photo s 

greetings Rint 

ps: if you have any questions feel free to  contact me!



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