Introduction: My Home Made Rc Pickup Truck From Junk

this is one of my designs that i build using my own idea and concept of powering up and rc toy...
the aim of the project is use my junk as a source(usually it is a limited source) and use only a transmitter,reciever, and a small piece of motor from a original rc toy...

it was built from scratch...


maruti4b5 (author)2012-01-13

i want make a rc car and i request you to advice me how to approach

what type of rc car do you want? you want some drift car? stock car? what?

R.A.T.M (author)2011-07-25

you could of used a voltage doubler withe a circuit protection system not on the batteries but the motors that's 9v that's all you need not 36 iv built simmler progects so... i know a thing or two

nope! the voltage doubler is not applicable to this design because of the quality of the batteries that i used. those batteries cant give enough power to the motor if i will use that because it can create major losses so the result will be no mechanical output at all. and the motor requires a lot of torque! the motor only aside from the gear box!

torque is inversely proportional to speed!

im talking about the cheep rc car put it on the rc cars motors don't tell me that it wont work it dose iv done it i made rc car out of goex black powered can waned it to go faster so i did that worked fine

on this design it wont work! but on lighter cars it will work!

antitaengbasuraman (author)2011-04-25

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Mr.NHRA (author)2010-12-01

This is awesome! I built a hobby grade rc truck

mine looks like a toy grade but it gives a torque and speed of a hobby grade.. im going to post my other builds.. a rc buggy with the speed of a hobby grade stock... faster than a toy grade buggy... and another scale crawler, my second prototype...

mdog93 (author)2009-12-31

OK, so you just knew the motor was bigger, hence being more powerful. I assumed the motor in a cassette player would be reasonably small

zack247 (author)mdog932010-04-03

it really depends on a couplr things:
1: the windings onthe motor. different windings give different results
2: the cassette player could have been from the 1980s?
3: the strength of the magnets in the motor. mor magnet power means it will rotate faster. a moto works by continuously reversing the current so that the magnets constantly reject the powered windings. go to to find out more on motors, as i am not a motor enthusiast.

well if that is your opinion your wrong!!!!!!!!!

about the cassette player? i know. most cassette players have unreasonably large motors in them for some reason. i was joking. as for the motor, i read a book on that, and i am pretty sure that's how it was. i cant be positive about that though, because i read the book a while ago

well if that's what you think then go for it!!!

i am. i am going to try to make an rc car with a 9v mainboard, giving me lots of speed, in a die-cast BMW Z8 body. wish me luck!

good luck!!!!

can you show me some pics of the steering mechanism?
this is what im thinking of doing:

this one is similar to the design of a china rc car, you can use this one if you want..

is there a smaller and lighter alternative? or one that performs better? i havent built an rc car from scraps before, so this is proving quite difficult. i made the chassis out of mekano pieces, so its easy to modify and edit. and like you, i am trying to do this from scraps too, except for the engine, i want one that goes fast, and i dont really have a cassette player lying around. ill keep searching for one, because the motor yo used sure seems to give some results!

are you still there? what kind of alternative that you are talking about?

maybe one that is more compact and lighter, but i think i might make a new design, with a chassis made of something a little more solid than mekano. any ideas? i want to try making a 1/10 scale or 1/12 scale car, what might be some good materials for the chassis? what did you use?

do you have knowledge about materials and plastic?just pick which is lighter but durable... if you want your work to be durable on some jumps then you should use high grade aluminum 7075 but just dont forget to have a better propulsion system so you can give your work a wheelie....

i was thinking some of that mdf board, (i think thats what its called) layered 2 times for rigidity, i kind of have a plan, but i havent drawn it yet. but no, i dont really have too much knowledge, just ways to reinforce a thinner piece of plastic, unless that counts. anyways, i think i might build it either like a 86 corolla or maybe a custom design. i'll have to go to the home depot first. im thinking maybe some hydraulics, if the car isn't too heavy

well good luck with that.. btw... this pick up truck was now destroyed because i developed a trophy truck out of junks and some of my pick up truck parts which is, again, developed for better propulsion system and better steering under more load... of course retaining my concept of using only the reciever from a original rc car, NO SERVOS for the steering, etc...

just in case you want to know updates...
i hae found the perfect chassis and body for my junk car, picked it up at the store's clearance rack for $10, it already had a gearbox, i just had to fill it up with the gears and stuff. i have a high torque low speed motor and gearbox for the steering (from an electric pencil sharpener) but i haven't figured out how to hook it up yet. my mainboard has six pins for steering, i only know that 2 are for the motor, the other 4 are for some sort of sensor. was yours like this?

your receiver can operate a servo in that instance. because you got six pins for the steering, the 2 are for power supply for the servo and the other 4 is for SIGNAL pins of the servo. and about the servo, it think the servo that your receiver controls is a servo specially designed for it (a factory made servo built to be operated by that receiver).

about your question, i was not using that type of receiver. i use a on/off type receiver with 2 terminals for steering motor.

i looked at one of my other cars, and it uses six pins too, but i dont get what they are all for, i used to have a rc servo that used six pins, but i dont know where it went, i might have to find a broken rc car if i cant find one to look at...

maybe you can modify that reciever or just use the 2 terminals to control a 3 pin servo... but you need to design a servo controller for that...

im not sure yet, i am still trying to debug my drivetrain gearbox, the motor gear wont stay on, the hole is ever so slightly bigger than the shaft on the motor and no glue or epoxy will keep it on there! it getting kind of frustrating

if there are any machine shop practices that you know, you can make a solution to that problem... i not only using glue on this truck... the glue is not only the main supporter of the whole gear to shaft bonding!

I have a tech class at my school, i think im gonna take the gearbox there tomorrow and see if my teacher can help me figure it out. if only the hole in the gear was smaller!

by the way, i got the new motor from another rc car-ish type thing, it sounds good and looks good, and i plane on running it on 9.6v+, so i think my gearbox should work nicely, after the gear fits that is.

maybee you can put some splines on the shaft.. or machining a larger shaft with splines for the gear.

yeah my tech teacher said that maybe roughing up the shaft on the motor, because it would be harder to glue to something smooth than something rough, im not sure if i am going to use sand paper or a dremel though...

just put some splines.. it will make the shaft rougher...

so some good news, i Epoxied the strange driveshaft into one piece and it is in fact working, i will see which of the 2 rc boards that i have is the better one for this and hopefully i can test it!

zack247 (author)zack2472010-12-05

it doesn't work very well
the car goes fast when it isn't on the ground, but once i set down it hardly goes anywhere, something is up with my gearbox, here are some pics of it, is this a very bad setup?

so thats your gearbox.. i have noticed the pitch of the gear that you are using.. the spur gear on the drive shaft is small resulting to have a larger tooth size.. and the other gears are having small tooth size(on the picture on the right)... are those gears mate having a better clearance distance to each other?and are those gears meshing(right side pic)? i can't hardly see on the pictures but the picture on the left seems the gears are mating nicely because of having the same tooth size for gear and the pinion...

the gears on the right picture are meshing, you said something about torque, would having a small gear on my motor fix this problem?
i was looking online and found that most cars have only 3 pinion, not 4 pinion gearboxes, i believe i have a 4 pinion, but in the 3 pinion ones the motor gear is small, followed by a large gear and another small one. is this the correct way to do this?

yes.. just follow this principle...

small pinion meshing with large gear gives high torque but low speed

large pinion and small gear gives you low torque but high speed.

just make some variations to determine the right amount of teeth that you need for the pinion and gear..

another thing... i noticed the ratio on the right are not producing enough torque on the that gear box design...

mdog93 (author)zack2472010-12-06

i honestly don't know- don't know a lot about rc cars myself, i was just interested in this instructable and have carried on commenting. It's definately not too heavy is it?

it weighs maybe a couple of pounds.... but as you can see.. its faster even going uphill...

zack247 (author)mdog932010-12-06

it shouldn't be, my other car i bought from the store weighs more, i think its in the gears, i am going to see if a different set of gears will work.

mdog93 (author)zack2472010-12-07

ok yeah, but aren't you using a scavenged motor for power, might not be as powerful...

zack247 (author)mdog932010-12-07

the motor is from another rc car, a terrain twister, to be exact

mdog93 (author)zack2472010-12-08

okay, so it shouldn't be that. You haven't perhaps put the gears ratio in backwards have you? i.e. put the big wheel on the wrong side.

zack247 (author)mdog932010-12-08

that might be the problem -- look at my pictures in my below comment to see that i have the biggest gear on the motor, looking online it seems that the biggest gear is between the small gear on the motor and the driveshaft.
changing up the gearbox should work, i'll try it but im not giving it too many more chances...

how exactly do i put splines on the shaft?

do you have a milling machine?you can use a little mill on the drive shaft to put splines on it...

ok so after i searched "spline" on google images, i understand now that you are talking about something like a gear, so i took a brass gear from another motor (very hard to remove, lost the motor the gear was from because of it) and then drilled out the gear and slid it on the brass gear. i put some superglue and it is still going after i hae bumped up the voltage to 9.6v, its looking good! i am going to join the driveshaft as one piece and then i am going to test it in the car! hopefully i can get that done this weekend.

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