My Homemade Ps3 Portable





Introduction: My Homemade Ps3 Portable

i saw many people do this on youtube and i loved the idea of making one on my on,all you need is a lot of patience and some free time,it weights around 25 -30 pounds,i spent about 400 dollars,case,19'' hdtv,pc fans,dremel,stickers and the power inlet and some other stuff i don't remember...UPDATE!! with back cover and sticker and new metal on the sides of the tv,ill be making a new one soon,smaller and less heavier,waiting on the case to arrive to start working on it...leave comments and tell me what you think



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    I'm planning to build one of these, but I was curious what you used as a power source?

    I want to make one of these but first I have 2 questions what's the flan blowing on and what's the power source

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    Idk what you mean what's the fan blowing on but the second question I connected a USB cable to the fan and then I connected it to one of the USB ports in the ps3, I just put that fan there bc I heard those fat ps3s got really hot, also bc I wanted it to look like one if those homemade laptops from a 80s sci fi movie, if you gonna make one if these I recommend you to use an smaller case and the ps3 super slim bc it's easier to work on, I made another using the ps3 slim, the only problem I had with that is that the power and eject button didn't worked, I had to use the controller to turn it off and to remove the disc, it wasn't a big deal only when it froze and I had to open the case to remove the disc manually, I'll upload the pictures of the other ps3, if you wanna any help I'll try helping you with all i know

    very nice mod, I like to see you make the latest small ps3 mod with the slimest mod possible. Have you considered opening the console up just to save the storage space? I know it's a risky job but every man has to take a leap of faith from time to time now don't we? Cheers.

    I used this one for the one shown on the pictures

    beauty but i recomend a small projector these day theyre pretty tiny and high rez,

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    Thanks, I know, I took this one apart, it was too bulky and heavy, it had a fat ps3 and a kinda heavy hd screen, I smashed my fingers and hit my forehead with it many times, I made an smaller one with an slim Ps3 and a Smaller hd screen, I'm still not done with it but I can play games with it, if I ever do another one I will try to make it as small as possible to be able to take it anywhere and play it anywhere, kinda like the size of a 15 inch laptop

    Like what you have done here, slightly crude looking but does the trick none the less : D, Cool the way the screen fits in perfect. I also notice that you have put a fan mod on the top of the PS3 I was tempted in doing this. Have a look at mine!

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    Thanks for the comment, yea it's kinda crude looking, but that was my plan, I wanted it to look more like a mod than something factory made,yea the tv fits almost perfect but not, I had to cut part of the sides to make it fit, it also has one fan on the bottom, this ps3 portable weights about 20-30 pounds, I'm gonna make another less heavy and with no holes on the case at all

    can you send me A friend request?