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Hello every body,

  This is probably one of my first  of automobile model,it's basically a mahindra jeep.i made it when i was in 8th standard .
 When i came to college ,i gifted it to one of my mentor ,since then its with him only.
when i made it first i made it only with stamped tin sheet,and cycle spokes,later on i added a tin canopy to it .
    hope you all like it.

Thank you.


or_ford98 (author)2012-04-19

i want that

aby05 (author)or_ford982012-05-31

sorry buddy ,i gifted it to one of my engineering faculty.

lennyb (author)2012-03-20

that is very nice

aby05 (author)lennyb2012-03-21

thanks lennyb

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