My K'nex Ball Machine Craze





Introduction: My K'nex Ball Machine Craze

This is my second k'nex ball machine I started about a year ago and have been slowly working on it I would appreciate your vote and enjoy.

Step 1: Here Are Some Pics of the Ball Machine

Step 2: Just to Clear Things Up in Case You Were Wondering Why Some Things Were Missing in the First Half of the Video. I Took Most of the Video Earlier and Added on My Latest 2 Roughs to My Previous Video.

Step 3: No Music

Incase you aren't able to watch the first one. This one has no music so there are no copyright problems



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    Wow, this so amazing! You should defiantly win the K-nex contest! Good luck :D

    Uho, vid is unavailable in germany :(

    The pics look nice, though!

    that stinks any idea why because I didn't do that (at least not on purpose).

    That usually happens if you use copyrighted background music

    I uploaded a version without music, see if that works. :)

    Yes, that's working! It's looking awesome! I love how it includes a coaster

    Thanks. me too I was wanting to build a coaster, Then I decided to make a lift ought of one. :)