Bear with me as this is my first ible. This is my knex famas assault rifle. In the words of knexfreek   Dont hate celebrate !!! I might post instructions if enough people want  them
                 pros- realistic
                         - has a clip
                         -good range
                         -is an ok gun for knex wars
                         - true trigger

                  cons- small clip
                          - can be hard to pump
meh, make it less blocky, the stock longer, mag longer and the handle looks very uncomfortable
I will try sometime I took it apart and made a grenade launcher
also, on a gun like this, it's a ''magazine'' not&nbsp;<strike>clip</strike>
ok, pic of the launcher?
the handle was okay but your right it needs work
please dont hate on this its my first instructible
Doesn't look too much like it.
its still an ok replica and has good range

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Bio: hi and thank you for checking out one of my ibles. i love knex ( the old stuff not that crappy new stuff ) and specialize in ... More »
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