My K'nex Gallery





Introduction: My K'nex Gallery

I take the Instructable from this people

I_am_Canadian => heavy canon
oompa-loompas => just a gun
hack124x768 => shotgun
knex artillery => mp5
TheDunkis => uzi
the other uzi is a cope from the uzi from "TheDunkis" but a little bit change
by both the mag doesn't work at all

heavy cannon- IAC
uzi- the dunkis, and oompa-loompas pistol
mp5-someones RBG
just a gun- the OSNJCKMA2



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    lawlz, "This video has been removed by the user."

    hi mate can you send me instruction fr this gun and il will help you with something else

    It was original.. but only when you posted it lol.

    =) Plus it still is my favorite gun on the whole site (can't favorite what you can't make).

    I agree he should change that(happened to me too!)

    My DD-27 Ultra Pistol is coming soon!

    :-( What a ripoff. At least he made my cannon, at least.

    shut up! he'll copy that as well if you're not careful! lol

    Hanukkah...I had a good Hanukkah.

    oh kl ur jewish! Sorry i just assume, being agnostic, that everyone celebrates christmas :S

    correct me if im wrong, but is the one with all the grey connectors on hinges that r connected to the handle Oompa Loompa's?