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Introduction: My Knex Guns

these are my guns mostly guns. none of these guns are built and all of the auto loading dont work properly.



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    I don't really like it and heres why. I personly don't like the alternating pattern of knex, I like it "Blocky", the trigger needs alot of work, alot of the gun seems empty and that should be fixed. Other than that great gun :)

    first gun looks like the e-11 blaster form star wars

    i like the first gun but tha handle makes the whole gun nasty

    'all of the auto loading dont work properly' Help this person, oh great God of grammar!

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    That is still officially the worst sentence I have EVER seen.

    A great mag should not 'almost' never mess up. It should NEVER mess up!

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    No, that would be a perfect mag.

    i think you should post them both, they look really good. On the auto loading ones may i suggest using a weak rubberband to push the ammo up?

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    no its not that they shoot two rods at a time.