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Introduction: My Knex Guns

my first instructable!please comment on which ones i should post.sorry for bad pics i had to use my phone:(
1:knex artillery
2:true trigger rpg(shoots further than srv1)
3:rpg mechanism,ram hits bullet in bullet lock and bullet gets pulled away by the same mechanism in the srv1
4:srv1 with a different body
5:m16a4 rbg 8 shot
6:g36c rbg 12 shot
7:glock(by ironman69)
8:grenade(by oblivitus)
i will not be able to post any for two weeks because i will be at skate camp.



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    yeah u should post it!

    I was sitting there for ages, because I'm on a netbook... And then I went over it and saw the red line >:D

    LMAO I got someone again.

    i sat there for a minute or so before i realised nothing was gonna happen cos i got a mac and that is like the wait symbol lol

    it worked on me too until i accidently scrolled over it and saw a red line. lol

    very very clever LOL i fell for it

    pls build my halo guys first the grunt second the halo person