my vehicles.
<p>instructions plz</p>
Your truck is the same size as my kitty O.o
Nice! 5*
Those are some killer cars dude 5*.
you guys should check out my slideshow of my vehicles <br /> <br /> :D
&nbsp;the little is pritty awsome! I wish you could post instructions for it.
Question for ya, how many pieces on the 4wd truck did you use?
which one?
The truck in the back, um, the biggest one in the first slide
alot, probably 2000
i lost one of my motors that you use on the cars
I like what you did to (forgot his name) the 4wd truck
how do you make a slideshow i have made 3 knex istructables but the moderator has said to put it into a slide show but how
click on Submit on the top of the page, then slideshow.
Dude, these are great!!! 5.0!!! You should try to make a knex Lamborghini. I would give it 5 stars!!! :D
I tried. it didn't work
you are a great kotto (knex auto) builder. you should make a lil creeper outta knex. and the dead rising convicts jeep
Nice, how many are motorised?
the middle one.
Nice Vehicles!

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