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    These are wonderful!! I was wondering where i can find the pattern for the pokemon toys? I've been looking everywhere and can't find a single knit pattern for them.

    Gorgeous - especially the Peter Rabbit and the adorable Jesus-Mary-and-Joseph (and donkey). Would you mind telling where these patterns are available, please?

    The patterns are mostly quite old - I have been a knitter for ages! I think they are out of print, sorry. The designer is Alan Dart and he has a website where he sells his patterns - I don't think these particular ones are there but he has many other beautiful ones.

    Saw his website and bought one lovely pattern, but didn't see these ones there, unfortunately. Thanks for answering.

    i love knitting , how could i get this peter rabbit pattern ?

    You and I have the same taste in knitting patterns! I have the Alan Dart book and most of Jean Greenhowe's. She has a website with free patterns on it if you do a web search. Your work is very true to the patterns.

    Cool! Do you have nay of your toys on the net anywhere?

    I have an etsy store called FairyTaleDSigns where I put up some of my non-knitted toys. I usually make the knitted toys for gifts or just for fun! I did sell my Jean Greenhowe Humpty Dumpty, though. thanks for asking!

    tHE dragon and the penguins are awesome!

    Thank you. I'm so sorry but my patterns are not available for lending. Many of them are in rough shape - I have a tendency to "maul" them as I knit them :( and I'm afreaid they won't last.