My Long Shot and Maverick





Introduction: My Long Shot and Maverick

take the tube from this front gun

then take ur scissors and cut it to the right length of that top piece

im going to do a new paint job on my longshot

for my raider im going to get digi desert painting all over it by a pro eventually

made some pics of my maverick

hope you like it!

i dont take the credit to this maverick  jason the red made it first                   yes thats my dogs foot



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    How did you make this?

    i just remembered that i followed the instructions by (jason the red)

    ill make a instructable eventually :P

    i really like the maverick mod.

    when i say 2 days i mean 2 hours cause i only had like an hour each day to do this

    thanks it only took like 2 days

    if you do this again, and you make pictures of it, please spray paint them, it will look much nicer, trust me, i know everything about it,

    what do u think the hardest nerf gun to mod is

    i have to say, 'cause of all the electrical parts, vulcan, or the stampede, i have neither sadly, so it's just an opinion

    looks cool, my only complaint is that the paint jobs are kind of sloppy though