My Loom Band Creations





Introduction: My Loom Band Creations

today, i will show you my loom band creations

Step 1: First,my Bracelets

the list of my bracelets:
1.) candy color flower bracelet
2.) fishtail bracelet
3.) bridge style bracelet
4.) ladder bracelet
5.) taffy twist bracelet
6.) quadrafish bracelet

Step 2: Next, My Charms

list of my charms:
1.) bear face
2.) strawberry
3.) infinity
4.) ribbon
5.) fish
6.) candy crush orange
7.) ballerina dress
8.) bear
9.) owl

Step 3: Last, Others

lastly, my pencil/ballpen and hook grip

Step 4: All of My Creations, DONE!

i hope you like all my creations.....
if you have any questions, just comment. just wait in my comment.
if you have requests also just comment.



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    can u pls stop spmming. sry but, its rily annoying.

    Plz tell me how to make some of those cause i wanna MAKE THEM NOW:)

    Could you make an instructable on the candy colour flower bracelet?

    beautiful creations! i will try to make it

    sorry for the quality of the pictures... my tablet's camera is little bit blurred especially in dark places......

    haha, no prob, mine is too thats why i try always making the tutorials at day

    my light color of fishtail that have pink color is GLOW IN THE DARK PASTEL