ok so I was playing with my first nerf gun and I wanted to show every body how cool the darts are so here they are!
<p>why is there a old plaster on the nerf dart you bother to take better pics aswell theres many instructables on how to do it https://www.instructables.com/id/Take-Good-Photos-For-Instructables-1/step3/Lighting/</p>
pic no.3 doesn't look just right<br />
why?<br />
think of it like a dirty minded person would
still don't get it.
PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.......................................<br><br>Its kinda obv now.
wat if he never got it (lol).
wat if mplinnc is a lttle girl who dpesnt know about these things
haha jk ;)
too right
you people are messed up
Sorry you think that i never looked at my pics dat way
Ewwww! dude nasty!!!
i like ur socks haha
dude those are regular darts or as i say standert they arent beast they are good but they're not what you'd probly say unbelieveable they are good i use em with my bow and they kick but they are good like ive said before but they dont get as much range with my bow but the screamer darts get 5-9 ft more so i use em more then clip system darts not saying ur slideshow sucks its good i give you a 4 because its like u've said its ur 1st nerf gun also if you want to mod your recon check out my recon mod and if anything seems unclear comment about it and ill answer with in at least 24 hours and im not yelling at you so dont take it like im harasing you im just saying.
dude its ok i understand. and you know what i am a newbie to nerf and I made this when i was leik 9 and Im 10 now so I am not the same person anymore <br> ~ Mplinnc
ok dude
what dose the taped ones do<br><br>

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Bio: I'm not really 13 I'm 10
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