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hi I wanted to show you my new moded car which has a lot of more extras than the original. Heres a talk through the pics
1.My ride!!!
2.The v6 super charged engine under the hood.(can open hood)
3. More engine (closer look up.)
4.Lamborghini doors!!
5. The inside!
6. the rear.( the spoiler is adjustable.)
7.Spare wheel.
8.Side view.
9. Hydraulics (back to front)
10. Hydraulics (all up)
11.Hydraulics (front to back)
Coool Ride, huh?


tobias1998 (author)2011-01-12

please add how to make it!!

dks8 (author)tobias19982011-02-17

You have to really have the gt knex kit but might put instructions up soon

tobias1998 (author)dks82011-02-20

thanks man!

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