My Nerf Armory 12/25/10



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Introduction: My Nerf Armory 12/25/10

About: I am an American. I have joined the U.S. Army and have completed OSUT training at Fort Benning Georgia on the 20151119 or November 19 2015. I am an M1 Tanker. I drive the big monster. I am one of the three p...

this is all my nerf guns i have so far



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    I have a Nightfinder, Stampede, Longstrike, Maverick, and Specter. I will be buying the Vulcan in a couple of weeks. Is the Raider any good?

    thanks do you have the stampeed

    nope, i have the recon and the cs-35, both modded.

    what mod did you do
    im thinking aout the half barrel mod for my mavrik

    took the air restrictor out, kool

    what does that do

    makes it go like an extra 25ft

    hell yeah!


    ok, i just did the penny mod on my mavrick and took out the air restrictors.
    in the air restrictors, what are those weak springs for, im curious.

    The weak springs allow the AR to bounce around distrupting the flow of air to the gun

    Ahhh and I ended up swapping out the barrels with cpvc so its getting like 50 feet XD

    kool =D



    hate them, pointless guns