My Nerf Guns That Have Been Modified

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Introduction: My Nerf Guns That Have Been Modified

all of these guns have been modified, on the camo longshot there is a different barrel than in my other slide show, the yellow longshot is my brothers i modified it for him.

the guns that are in this are 2 longshots, 1 recon, 1night finder and 1buzz bee shot gun.

if you view this please comment.



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What did u use for the barrel on the camo long shot

u man...... u are awsome i have a shotgun.

wat scope did u use on the last one and great job

I just used a reagular longshot scope on it.

have you got an instructable on the grey camo nerf longshot. looks awesome

if you dont want these anymore i will gladly have them

dude theres air restrictors in the double barrel. right behind the shells (when youve loaded it) there they are. i took out mine and sawed the barrel off :D

I like your bed spread =P

also great looking guns

what did you do for the paint job? what paint, how you did it, etc..