all of these guns have been modified, on the camo longshot there is a different barrel than in my other slide show, the yellow longshot is my brothers i modified it for him.

the guns that are in this are 2 longshots, 1 recon, 1night finder and 1buzz bee shot gun.

if you view this please comment.
What did u use for the barrel on the camo long shot
u man...... u are awsome i have a shotgun.
wat scope did u use on the last one and great job
I just used a reagular longshot scope on it.
have you got an instructable on the grey camo nerf longshot. looks awesome
if you dont want these anymore i will gladly have them
dude theres air restrictors in the double barrel. right behind the shells (when youve loaded it) there they are. i took out mine and sawed the barrel off :D
I like your bed spread =P<br><br>also great looking guns
i agree with you
what did you do for the paint job? what paint, how you did it, etc..<br>
the camo one?
I spray painted them<br>
nice your longshot looks just like a SCAR i would paint it if i were you<br>
i would paint but i don't know what color('s) i should paint it.
Im about to modify my longshot but i cant get it open, however i did get the front barrel out, any ideas on what i should do with it?
Well are you talking about the front gun or the main gun? <br>And you did take the stock off before you tried taking it apart?
The front gun i took out the barrel of it <br>the only problem is that some of the screws are stuck
did you unscrew them all the way?<br>
Why does longshots always look good when spraypainted? It doesn't even have to be a good color, like it could be pink and look awesome.
Because longshot are awesomeness in it's purest form
Yup! Too bad I don't have one. My cousin said he'll give me his for free. Also I bought the LongStrike at Walmart for $15 on Black Friday.
lol i sawed off my buzzbee shot gun too, but my barrel has 2 pieces... so when i went to saw it off, the front of th barrel i wanted to keep broke off, so I hotglued it back on.... did that happen to urs?
Could you post a picture so I have a better idea of what you are talking about
thats a nice longshot in the back. check mines out and comment about wat u think about it. i need the publics opinion!!!!xp

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