Picture of my nerf longshot
Picture 148.jpg
Picture 149.jpg
Help me name it. Please post a name. it gets more than 70 feet and has a silencer. for more information on my projects follow me on twitter.
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gunman151 year ago

Long-shot, arctic, sniper, long-range. I would say to name it "The Arctic Eliminator"

motomax993 years ago
u should do pixelated artic camo on it. its actually really easy to do. i like the bayonet too
What would be the best way to do pixelated camo
You can either hand paint it or make a template
motomax993 years ago
Longshot Mod Club. Heres mine
MAVREV135 years ago
nice modded longshot here is mine
underslung rail? nice
look at mines too
cool nerf longshot ssr.bmpcool nerf longshot ssr.bmp4.bmpcool nerf longshot ssr.bmp3.bmp
all i did to my nerf gun was take off the front guns barrel and tape it on... not really a mod but hey, it is more accurate and the dart doesnt fall short anymore...
funnydan974 years ago
The Abominable Snowgun
JamesTB135 years ago
Yeah, I'm with devinek12, stop painting and do some modding.......even though it does look pretty good.
I think it looks like the "Gears of war" gun that has a chainsaw instead of a bayonet. =)
voemaster5 years ago
The Beast CS-6
temp6 years ago
pieguy77 temp5 years ago
pieguy775 years ago

 how about Speed Striker X L R
The "Don't Piss Me Off Or I Bash You Over The Head" Gun aka the DPMOOIBYOTH Gun.
arctic raider? lol
daelans6 years ago
"white lightning" lulz, you wouldnt get the joke there
I do & ur sick . sicko X P
usb key6 years ago
call me a geek but it looks like the laz rifles the imperial guard carry in Warhammer 40,000
bionicleboy365 (author)  usb key6 years ago
your right I was kind of going for a stormtrooper look
i didnt mean storm troopers i ment warhammer 40,000. its a table top war game based in the 41st milenium that no one has herd of. there is a game thats just been released on steam. Dawn of War 2. anyway there are all kinds of races in the game one of which is the imperial guard who carry ineffective laz rifles (note the soldier on the very front left) i thought with a new paint job it would look like that. (they usualy have bayonets) http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y258/Thalantos/40kImperialGuard01.jpg but ya its a mistake anyone could have made they do look like the rebles or those guys who sit at a confrens table with vader and alwas get choked.
I now what war hammer is iv got 2 figures i painted  myself!! : )  ( obviously I spend more money on nerf )
bionicleboy365 (author)  usb key6 years ago
no i know what war hammer is, I was sayiing that I was trying to make it look like it was from star wars not war hammer
srry i expected no one to know what it is but ya give it a nice grey paint job make a wooden sight like the blasters have andextend th barrel 2 inches with ply wood or something and although its awesome take the bayanet off and it would look like a stormtrooper blaster. but you did a nice job. we need awesome paint jobs like that as defult on all stock nerf guns
devinek125 years ago
 did you just paint it and stick some plywood and plastic on it? try modding it for real. make it shoot further.
Hmm... Maybe, White Storm,  Dark Knight, (possibly White Knight) Cosmic Destroyer, Project Ice Talon (If it's supposed to be experimental.), or maybe  Silver Moon.
Okay, so maybe I'm a random name fanatic... *Rolls eyes*
Ferrari5765 years ago
 White Ghost

fishgish5095 years ago
keep the tip orange
Nerfgenius5 years ago
Just don't hit anyone over the head with that bayonet XD.
PretzelRum5 years ago
Cold Reaver?
But this is so cool, how did u make ur gun look like that?
bamoguy25 years ago
That is the sickest longshot ever!
arickey145 years ago
the white shadow
608296 years ago
"Ghost" wouldn't be a bad name
mariome1016 years ago
death to all that defy you lol
bionicleboy365 (author)  mariome1016 years ago
Capt. Kidd6 years ago
snow fang
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