this is my nerf nite finder i have removed the air restrictors and have streched out the spring it shoots maybe double what it did. okay so here is the reason im posting i need help trying to turn this into a rifle for fun. I have a few ideas but im not sure they will work. the red is what i want to add the yellow is what i want to remove.
srry dart not satay
hi chickenbo8<br><br>for the barrel, try adding a PVC pipe to the original barrel, attach it with epoxy or cement, and then cut a small slot on the top if the barrel big enough to place a dart in. to load it, place a satay in the slot, and then push it into the reciver
for the stock you could extend the loop(pully thing) put a pin through to one side, then make/modify a stock and cut a slot for the pin.
turning a NF into a rifle would be tricky due to the single shot aspect (aka loading would be hell) but the way i can see doing it is doing a standard PVC coupler (for 1/2 inch PVC since thats what size works with darts) (http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5229 for reference),<br> <br> next id say take PVC (1/2 inch diameter, however long you want (id say 1-15 feet length) then (i would) take another length of PVC which fits nicely around the first bit, and use it as reinforcement for the barrel.<br> <br> as for a stock, i am at a loss due to the plunger mechanism<br> <br> <br> <strong>PLEASE NOTE</strong>: the above is purely <strong>THEORETICAL</strong> and I have no idea if it would actually work having not done it myself.<strong> DO AT OWN RISK&nbsp;</strong>
for the stock i was going to use pvc under the plunger. Thanks for the ideas though.
sorry about the sloppy drawing i did it on a dsi (all i had)

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