here are all my new elements from obligation sorry that it take so long but I had much to do for school and so not much time to make it.
I had no inspiration for finding names for the elements so the person who can find the most good names for the elements earns if this guid becomes featured 3 months pro membership from me ;) this contest ends 31 januari

Step 1:

Nice guide...I haven't seen some of these elements before!
&quot;La grande roue.&quot; (French!)<br>&quot;The Ferris Wheel.&quot;
Hey! I made the exact same thing in my basement and I haven't even heard of this!<br><br>I call it &quot;The Slip'N'Slide.&quot;
The snake slide?
hmmm... how about purgatory tunnel, or snakes way, or vision tunnel, or pride path? those are just a few
Great job on those elements!
ook, well what exactly do you mean by elements? just to be clear
look at step 3 that's what I mean ;)
I mean step 6
small super path
this is really neat, 5*, and i have a name for it... &quot;the elements of surprise&quot;
thanks and I mean a name for the elements not the guid ;)
Nice!<br>Thanx for all the foto's

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