Picture of my new elements
here are all my new elements from obligation sorry that it take so long but I had much to do for school and so not much time to make it.
I had no inspiration for finding names for the elements so the person who can find the most good names for the elements earns if this guid becomes featured 3 months pro membership from me ;) this contest ends 31 januari

Step 1:

Picture of
Nice guide...I haven't seen some of these elements before!
poncho5313 years ago
"La grande roue." (French!)
"The Ferris Wheel."
poncho5313 years ago
Hey! I made the exact same thing in my basement and I haven't even heard of this!

I call it "The Slip'N'Slide."
poncho5313 years ago
The snake slide?
hmmm... how about purgatory tunnel, or snakes way, or vision tunnel, or pride path? those are just a few
KneXtreme3 years ago
Great job on those elements!
ook, well what exactly do you mean by elements? just to be clear
toeti (author)  knex vehicle builder 003 years ago
look at step 3 that's what I mean ;)
toeti (author)  toeti3 years ago
I mean step 6
toeti (author) 3 years ago
small super path
this is really neat, 5*, and i have a name for it... "the elements of surprise"
toeti (author)  knex vehicle builder 003 years ago
thanks and I mean a name for the elements not the guid ;)
imans3143 years ago
Thanx for all the foto's