Picture of my new knex grenade
knex grenade thats very powerful that uses no rubber bands and is very easy to make

Step 1: Pieces you will need

Picture of pieces you will need
Photo 56.jpg
Photo 57.jpg
Photo 58.jpg
Photo 59.jpg
15 white rods

2 tires

2 orange connectors

5 blue spacers

and 1 grey spacer

1 yellow rod and

2 tan connectors with the small bar on it

and 1 little black connector
bighead54546 years ago
stop saying bad things about this design at leats he put one on here

Oblivitus6 years ago
K'nex grenades that don't use tension don't have a blast radius, elastic band ones are a lot better.
well, if you get like three wheels, and do that thing where you connect them with green rods, and throw it, you get a great knex grenade
291jd87 (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
my freind made a grenade on this site and its huge and its the same design as the one you r thinking of but a lot bigger it uses like 32 rods big rods
291jd87 (author)  Oblivitus6 years ago
actually true but you don't have to have tension to have a blast radius you just throw it hard but i tried it with rubber bands and it did work a lot better if you wont to use elastics just put them over the two orange connectors
Then it isnt really a grenade, just something that breaks apart when thrown.
291jd87 (author)  arrow shot6 years ago
true but put rubberbands on it
It would only implode with the current design, unless you found an original way of attaching the elastics.