My New Knex Gun




Introduction: My New Knex Gun

ok this is my new knex gun its my first gun so plz give comment about what i did wrong or did good.
feel free to mod it and show the pics then please.
q. what does it shoot and how far?
a. it shoots 2 white rods like 15 feet far(with good rubber bands)

i can post pics on how to make it just message me:D.

its a double gun 2 barrels
ammo: 2 white rods
rubber bands:2 big ones

nice gun
good hande
2 shots
easy to make

takes ages to reload
not so sturdy bi-pod
not easy to reload the lower gun

whell whats it i hope u like it
ps:srry for blurry pics



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    This is even worse than the "house" p90 and the weak p90 combined. 15 feet is considered weak, except for true semi autos.

    dude its my first gun i,m not an expirienced builder

    Ok if its your first then I will cut you slack. Im gonna give you a tip: Before you make your own guns, you might want to look at other people's guns. You will understand what the knexers consider a good gun and hopefully, you can make your own. This is how I got to be the gunner I am today.

    ty for the nice comment....