My New Knex M4 Carbine




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Introduction: My New Knex M4 Carbine

About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)

here is my newest knex m4 carbine
i used ironman is mag and rail system
it shoots around 60 feet
and you can remove the carrier and put a red dot or a scoop it
it looks reaaly cool



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    please make instructions please

    This doesn't look like an m4, especially the stock and the barrel. If you compare this with the real m4, you will see why. But otherwise this is a really solid gun that could withstand Anything


    maak plz ff instructions.

    dis gewoon eng goed man! 5*

    No way,impossible to hit 60 feet. Looks cool though.

    Dude... If you posted I would probably NEVER take it apart

    rebuild it and please post it

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    check mine out!  i will post next weekend.

    dude that sucks its just instructable removed by other jk but i does say that

    lol I deleted the slideshow, here it is though

    OOOO that looks cool!

    Needs a tad bit of mods but nice!

    Thanks!  I'm working on  a few... are there any in specific that you want?

    Hmmm, Actually I just looked at it up close aaannddd... POST!

    lol i will, but are there any specific mods you want... i only have red dot sight so far...

    I don't think so :)

    But I could possibly post mods when I build if I have permission?

    Yea sure... i think a good way to do that is by making a page just for mods, ill give you credit, post a link to your page, and tell people to sub to you because ur awsome :D 

    lol unless you want to make aa separate ible just tell me


    And I'll sub to you so I know when you post :D

    And we'll see about the mods haha.

    lol thanks and erm... do you have skype?
    i cant use ibles right now because i have to go to bed and i cant use ibles on my ipod but i can use skype.  if you have one send me ur name at
    or if you have msn and you dont mind telling me send it there too.  lol i go on my ipod when my parents think im asleep.... MUHAHAhAHA