this is my new knex tomahawk!! its not so strong at al, but its just for looking.... my brother plays with this :D one time he throwed this thing to my mom! XD i've make a instruction of it...

1x light gray(two ways)
2x red(three ways)
4x orange
4x snowflake(eight ways)

12x red
2x green
4x bendy yellow

pic 4: make this.
pic 5: attach the 4 red rods.
pic 6: make this again.
pic 7: attach.
pic 8: attach the two orange.
pic 9: attach this.
pic 10: put it together.
pic 11: attach the orange and the bendy yellow.
pic 12: attach the two red con. and a bendy yellow.
pic 13: attach the last thing.
this is my new knex tomahawk, i modded it!! https://www.instructables.com/id/my-new-modded-knex-tomahawk/
hey there, i had a little break, but now i'm back. my new knex tomahawk is coming out today or tomorrow, so check it out..
Lol, your grammer is awful!<br>Anyway, the tomohawk itself looks allright!
whats grammer?? :$ i'm dutch and i can't good english:P
Grammer is like full stops and commas etc...
i have modded this tomahawk!! coming out soon :D
Cool. :1
It doesn't look to bad, but seems really weak. Maybe change the handle a bit, but keep the blade soft, so you can still hit stuff with it?
yes, it is really weak, but i like it ;) it fly's really straight.. i can hit stuff with it :P
Yeah, keep the blade soft, but make the handle stronger. And maybe the blade connection stronger.
It actually doesnt look half bad.

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Bio: hi! i love knex :D i love cats with snipers too :D
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