this is my whole new pistol not moded or any thing. im going to post a video on you tube and on here. !!!hope you like it!!!
invalid movie: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kvp5WMtPMI

Step 1: Barrel Cover

1.build this

Step 2: Handle and Handle Guard

2.diffrent view

Step 3: Barrel and Trigger

this is tomboyrme's barrel and trigger i favor it so.....ya

Step 4: Putting It Together

the finishing of the gun

Step 5: Ammo

there are 2 types of ammo (iff you have any mods please post them)
if you replace the blue rod with a red rod to the yellow connector on top and replace the grey piece with a green one, then make the barrel longer, replace the blue rod on the bottom with a red, it make it a hell of a lot bigger and mire powerful(grey rods dont work)
I made this gun like a foot longer and I shot it up.........well lets just say, that  the ammo............i didnt see it ever again.
can u plz do the laast picture on step 4 and the picture on step 5 and email them to me plz at jaxter_g@hotmail.co.uk
srry i was on vacation!!! umm....... you wrap the elasticaround both sides of the blue rods
I don't get how you put the rubber bands and firing mechanism on, the pics are all blurry.
AP3 (Assault Pistol 3) COMING SOON! Lol. I just thought I would do that, KILLERK always does.
But seriously, the AP3 will be out soon. :)
OMG!!!! BEST GUN EVER!!!!!! if you use the rubber band that i used it goes FAR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's cool +1
this is my whole new pistol not moded or any thing then on the picture notes tomboyrmes trigger and barrel hmmmmmmmmmm LIES
tomboyrmetomboyrmetomboyrmetomboyrme (im an avid fan)
never mind, I read the instructable, sorry...
Where's your pistol?
cmon you should see pinapplebob's it's not round
actually, that wasn't my creation. Halo 123 made it. I was just posting instructions.
(step 5) That is the most fuzzy/blurry/shaky picture i have ever seen.
Its ok its funny =)<br/>
give him abrake +1
thank you soooo much!!
uh... plasma pistols are ROUNDER
oh that i ment the design sorry

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