My Sniper Rifle





Introduction: My Sniper Rifle

well , this is my new sniper.
I've been working on it for a while and here it is.
I call it: The Ultimate Dutch Rifle ).

This gun is 3.92 feet long and weighs 4.76 pounds.
This gun has two rams , a bullit ram and a normal ram.
I build guns mostly for power but it's not only powerfull, it looks fantastic as well !!
It can shoot trough a cardbox from 30 feet and pierce one candle without sharpent rod !
If you want to shoot trough 2 candles,  you have to use a sharpent rod.


* it shoots 85 feet + (depends on rubberband quality)
* looks good !
* has a bullit ram 
* pinguide
* comfortable (you can make the handle in 3 layers, i have big hands ...)
* mini mag of four bullets   
* it never jams

less special:
* it is heavy
* it's big

credit to the_burrito_master for the bipod

tell me what you think about it , and don't forget to rate ! 

I'm not gonna post it. If you want to build it you can ask me for details.



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    Je hebt het heel goed gedaan op deze gun! het ziet er echt goed!


    nee, ik ben gestopt met het 'knex-wereldje' zo noem ik het maar even.
    Ik heb heel veel lol gehad met knex maar het is leuk geweest. dus sorry maar hij word niet meer gepost. je kan hem eventueel maken via de foto's en mij vragen stellen als je vast zit, dan leg ik je alles uit.

    succes en anders sorry.

    and for everyone else, you can build it from the pictures and if you don't know it anymore you can ask me for it.

    laat ik het zo zeggen , ik post alleen wapens die verder shieten dan 80 feet ;)

    For those who are lazy this is what dutchguyy said :
    let me say, I post only weapons that Shoot more than 80 feet

    very good ! did you translate it ? or are you dutch ?

    lol: for rhose people who are lazy.. :P

    i probably am lazy as well i just used google translate

    Maar je zegt ook datie 85+ schiet :P