my new wire and beads and gemstones trees

hi everybody miss u so much
here is my new collection of wire and beads and gemstones trees and flowers
hope you like them
<p>they are so beautiful. so jealous. </p>
<p>beautiful trees, do you have a tutorial please?</p>
<p>hi their, </p><p>where did you get the book that showed you how to make theres designs?</p>
<p>are there any instrustions on how to make these beautiyes?</p>
Hi beautiful tree I'm looking for the instructions?
These are beautiful. My father used to make some similar to this using gemstones he had collected. I will have to look to see if I can find any of his in his man-cave. Thanks for sharing.
thanks for passing by , hope to see your father's one
thank you
Wow, these are beautiful!
thanks sweetie <br>glad u r here
These are very lovely, I could see these as awesome displays in jewelry stores at at home on a vanity, or heck even in the living room. Nice job!
thanks for your kind comment <br>
These are lovely! I would be really excited to see a tutorial on one!
thanks for passing by <br>very soon you will see the tutorial
very nice
so glad that you like my trees <br>thanks lots for passing by
i am so glad that you like my hand made tree<br>thanks lots

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