My Oil Lamp





Introduction: My Oil Lamp

this is my new oil lamp i just made i think its pretty good!!
please add comments and rate



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    To make sure you produce less soth (or whatever you guys call that unhealthy black stuff) try to cut the wick. It should also make the flame smaller. Then i would, as a security measurement, put it all into a bowl of some kind, so that if the lamp breaks somehow, the oil doesn't spill. Even if it's vegetable oil, it's still a mess for the environment wich is quite poor at cleaning up such mini exxon vadez like stuff. As a last step i would add a wind protector with builtin reflector. Oh, and a snuffing cap maybe, for convenience :).

    Soot. I've been fiddling with oil and wicks, this seems like a good wick. But the control is a bit of a tricky one - like real oil lamps with adjustable wicks (still working on mine occasionally)


    That's pertty good, seems bright and clean enough.


    thanks the wick is some tissue paper rolled up and soaked in really salty water to stop it from charring

    when i went on holiday to scotland i found this oil lamp in our cottage it had never been used also in a really good condition :)

    by the way i thought this was telling people how to make it not to show it so u might wont to edit it

    no if you read this sentence taken from a video decription on the sbmit page it says Submit your how-to videos, show off what you have made or are currently making. Just make sure the videos are your own and i am showing off what you have made

    Whay is it in knex?

    People post things in K'nex to gain more views.