this is my laptop stand with 4 fans and a mouse pad
wtf is steampunk i am south africa and have never herd of this steampunk sh1t
steampunk is making new technology,like a computer, look like it was invented or made some time around the 1600's
Kinda like 2k leagues under the sea or the original Willy Wonka movie.
I think you mean 20k leagues under the sea.
Now it just needs dual fade-out paint with pinstripes, 7" monitors, fuzzy dice...etc. Xzibit would be proud!!
<em>Pimping?</em> <br /> <br /> Since you've chosen to use that colorful adjective, I have to assume that your laptop stand is going to slap prostitutes around.<br />
Oooooo, I got it!! Add a usb powered Pimp hand!!..LMFAO
'what is Steampunk?' lol, that's like saying 'what is google?'. Aaanyway, that is one PIMPINING laptop stand. Nice one mate.
Are you using a usb port to supply the fans power.
OK, very well, but what about the power supply for the fans?
ok thats just over doing it.

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