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I'v always wanted a powerful fume extractor to replace my lame one,but i can't find a suitable one in a market, so i choose to modify one myself,this example,i got a 220V powerful fan,i think it works stable and quiet.then i put it in a ATX power box,bcz my clamp has a base as you can see in the photo,it requires the extacotr to be elevated a little bit. and stand still,so i made a base for the extractor by a bended acrylic ensure the extractor standing firmly.i think all my explanation is dull.let the photos speak,it's pretty self-explanary.besides, my work is not art-related and i'm not much a craftman,i could have made it eye-catching.but my work is more important,maybe my craftmenship may get improved in next version.


pfred2 (author)2013-03-24

Now all you need are some powerful fumes.

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