Step 1: This Is What You Need

get this

Step 2: Start With This

look very close at what i do

Step 3: And Add This

put 8 yellow pieces on it like so

Step 4: Then Make This

make it like the first one but with green pieces

Step 5: This Is the Hard Part

if it falls apart its now

Step 6: The Pin

make this

Step 7: Now Its Bomb Time

put the pin in and throw the bomb
How is this a &quot;pull pin&quot; grenade? No offense, but not only is the pin useless but it's not really going to explode or do much of anything other than fall apart on impact. This is a K'nex lemon, dude. <br><br>Keep trying, though, because you have the right idea.
At least it's combustible, right?
Not yet, it's not...but I can arrange for this to happen &gt;:D
meh, its ok.....

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