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Introduction: My Recycled Wastebin

About: to begin with i am currently working as a visualizer in an advertising firm. i learnt commercial designing and m passionate about creating and designing stuffs, then it could be anything, wall arts, painting...

my dustbin got misplace in my office....meanwhile i found some Bryan Adams live concert coasters in my office that were kept to be thrown... i made a small table waste-bin out of it...
wrapped it and scribbled a lady's head on it...
now its not just a in but also a stand for my sunglasses and she looks super cool in it...

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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! this is so awesomeee!!!!

    Nice Job. u hav Good Future.

    best of luck

    very nice....intresting.........congrats

    Nice 4m waste......very good idea

    Its really awesome and creative!
    appropriate use of waste box! It is really unique!
    Keep it up! :)



    Great creativity:)

    no 2 Awesome! Well done.

    thankyou..for ur appreciation..

    masta aahe... :)

    supaacool work, i would to C more of this series/.

    yes its very easy ... and looks super cool on our work table...i shall put it step wise in few days... thanks for commenting...

    it is one heck of an art piece. i would love to make one for myself too!

    thankyou so much... an appreciation from you is really inspiring... suggestions are welcome... i am making one more.. will post soon....