My Smiley Face Clock :D


Introduction: My Smiley Face Clock :D

this is my smiley face clock that i made in school, the body is thin metal bended then welded together, the base is a oak block with my name engraved in by a laser engraver and the face is just a round sheet of stainless steel i think, the right hand holds pencils and the left holds post it notes, its quite creepy how it stares at me on my desk lol, please leave thoughts 



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    Thanks! any thing i could do to improve??

    Joe :D

    Hi Joe!

    Thanks for posting, I think this is a really unusual and well-executed idea for the contest so I've voted for it just for that. As you've asked for suggestions as to how to make it better though, I would recommend:
    • a comprehensive list of items used, including tools, what they cost and where you got them from
    • step by step photos and explanations
    If this isn't feasible (eg. if this was part of a workshop project at school where materials are provided and taking photos throughout might raise eyebrows) then no matter, but as much breakdown in future instructions is always a good thing :)

    I really hope you keep making, and welcome to Instructables!

    thanks for commenting, i did make this in school so i didnt have to pay for the materials, but i will add the equipment i used if i can find the names of it all, and i didnt use instructables then so i didnt think to take pictures along the way, but i will most certainly try to add more detail and give people a better understanding of how its made incase they want to recreate my design :)

    thanks for voting by the way!
    unfortunately i think im going to withdraw my entry as i live in England an i just read in the rules its only for people in the us :(

    Yeah, I'm in Britain too, it's a pain. However, the competitions have only been shut down to non US residents for a month or so thanks to the Autodesk takeover, and they're currently trying to sort it all out. It's all over the community forums if you want to go check it out. It's a pain, but the UK is either 1st or 2nd on the list of places they're trying to open back up to, so I think it's worth holding on. Hopefully see you around.

    that should be good, can you please check out my other new instructable? its one of the step by step ones, could you tell me what you think??