My Son's Soapbox Car




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Introduction: My Son's Soapbox Car

I built this for my 6 year old son to race in a local event. It turned out to be pretty fast getting him 1st place. It's big enough inside, that an adult can race it and still be under the roof. I'm 5'10" and fit comfortably. It's a blast.



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    Hi looks awesome

    Were you able to write up the dimension of car and post thanks

    Awsome !!!! would like to have a go at it myself for my 4yr old grandson, do you have and dimensions?

    really impressive soapbox racer thinking of building one in the next few weeks could you please post the dimensions of it thanks

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    I've busy with work but I will try to post some dimensions and some drawings within the next week or so. Thanks.

    I'm working on some instuctions so hopefully I'll have something soon. Alot of the stuff was thought of on the fly so I have to remember the steps I took.

    Wish we had those sorts of traditions in the UK, I would've loved to build one of those when I was a kid!

    Keep up the good work, I can see your son being a member on here soon.


    definitely cool but not enough pics

    May we have some instructions?