Picture of my steampunk watch
a really cool watch i made
it doesnt actually work
Go to Goodwill and look at belts.
sonofstone5 years ago
it looks cool, but indeed, when you find a cheap piece of leather, make a strap for it, it would make the thing ten times more awsome. cheers
Crakur5 years ago
I would definitely replace that watch band with a chunky leather band with some components/brass on it
dark clerick (author)  Crakur5 years ago
 yeah i know but thats just what i had on hand.
magnaryu6 years ago
Looks almost like it could be used as a time travel prop.
yeah it does kinda
null1016 years ago
"yeah dude, thats chill"
im working on a steampunk style pocket watch i like how you framed the clock face
I finished my steam punk pocket watch.
I have one, but I want to make one also.
PandaMania6 years ago
dude that's chill, i wana make one