this is my awesome tamiya wild one, it was released in 1985 and still runs like ice-cream on a sunny day.
one of my dad's friends found it at the tip and i am restoring, modding and re building it.
with the slicks at the back are so soft that they balloon when the throttle is at about 1.5 quarters full but they are not the original tires
i put leds in the spot lights and it now has a super stock rz
saving up to get a re-release fav to finish this.
a couple of days ago, o had a bad crash and killed a rear trailing arm

it is the best rc car ever

here is a list of custom parts:
working spotlights with LEDs
team losi front wheels with nikko hardtrax tires
2.4GHZ transmitter hobby king with lrp esc
meccano battery cover
meccano electronics holder
new steering servo
meccano nokia e71 filming mount
(temporarily)slicks at the back for doing drifts and burnouts
meccano rear wheel washers
really cheap rc monter truck wheel on the roll cage for added coolness moved it because of the new aluminium roof
super stock rz motor
alloy side panels on the roll cage
lrp esc
hobbyking 2.4 ghz transmitter

here are some of the specs:
chassis:polycarbonate bathtub
suspension:oil filled independant
motor:540 brushed


Make a nitro car! :D
yeah, but i'd need to make a new gearbox, get better bearings, change the driveshafts to dogbones, buy a small nitro engin, like from a 1/16 car, make new mounts for the gearbox/engine, make a servo mount for the throtle and brake, make a brake system, etc. <br>if i knew how to do those i would:)
Very cool. I love vintage Tamiya, I used to have a Fox and race against a friend who had a WildOne. What ESC are you planning on using if you've moved to LiPo? be careful you don't run your lipo batts lower than 3V per cell if you use the original. <br><br>I'm converting an old Koysho truck to lipo, and I found these: http://bit.ly/ieAG0a which are really good esc's to use with brushed motors on with a lipo batt.<br><br>Jim<br><br>
using an lrp esc
how did you make it
didn't make it, just slowly restoring it
and modding it
I took the video. The camera has bad anti-shake.
so thats why the video is really bad you are the one who filmed it <br>hahahahahahah
here is the pdf manual for the tamiya wildone if anyone wants it....
cool some of the pics turned out better than i thought

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