video My tesla coil
 a video of my tesla
TheTeslaWarrior (author) 5 years ago
DevCoder5 years ago
you should consider adding a toroid/other top load to your coil, it makes it have significantly longer sparks
TheTeslaWarrior (author)  DevCoder5 years ago
this is kind of a small coil but i have 1/2 in steel ball that helps... my big one will have a top load first i need a new capacitor the last one was fairly entertaining when it blew :D
you should wrap some glass bottles (beer or snapple bottles work well) in foil and fill them with salt water and oil, they work great as HV capacitors (6 of them for 9 kV works for me)
TheTeslaWarrior (author)  DevCoder5 years ago
i found them to be very hit and miss i prefer a mmc bank because you get exactly what you want and you can tune the coil much easier. thanks for the suggestion though.
gdp0025 years ago
Beautiful, Bravo. I really want to build a tesla coil.
nice tesla coil dude!
good job!
TheTeslaWarrior (author)  didgitalpunk5 years ago
 thank you
ehm is this capable to kill a man? just wondering
If I say yes, will you want to build one? ;)

Yeah, it could kill a person if they were extremely unlucky.
Xellers5 years ago
Is this a coil that you built - or something like http://www.scienceartandmore.com/browseproducts/Tesla-Coil.HTML ?
TheTeslaWarrior (author)  Xellers5 years ago
 no... mine is 120,000V so its a bit bigger, i didn't make it but i am making a big one that should get me 3ft arcs :D 
 and a small one (look at my main image)