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Introduction: My Tower

this is a tower i built when i was 11. I made it in a rather organic way using ideas of other not directly plagerizing but adding on to an original idea. this tower started out as a pretty big yo-yo ride then i got the big structure set & built the space needle then other parts i made by my own design



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    nah i was around 4 feet tall at the time, the tower makes it look like i was 2 feet tall when it is around 6


    i thank thee doe thy reply


    didn't think you would get back to me that quick. interrupted my daily aqua harp session oh well i'll get back to it

    lolz! i like to reply quick!

    Hmmm.. its different... I love it! It looks sweet too, I probably wouldnt build but its still awesome, 5* and faved ;-)

    thx it was my most treasured knex creation of the bunch most ibles i've made the actual stuff i made a couple o' years past that. i kept this one on display for a really long time modifying it along the way first i took out the turrets then moded the top part to look even cooler the whole thing is just an ever changing mass of love & knex(i took out the spikes at the base part also)did you know i made a base rod thingamajig that runs thru the center of the structure it's pretty sweet if you ask me