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my instructible wallet let me know how i did o and don't be afraid to ask me how to make one. or feel free to leave a commet.
Ps. i made this wallet from a guy and also from a folding instructions. let me know how i did. comments are allowed. o and this is my first  creation i posted on instructables. so be kind


rickharris (author)2012-03-08

Personally I prefere step by step instruction I can follow easily.

Otherwise a good effort. Good photographs anyway.

thegeeke (author)rickharris2012-03-08

I tend to prefer step by step instructions... but I don't prefere them. ;)

lemonie (author)thegeeke2012-03-08

Maybe Rick has French ancestry?


FRANCESCA45 (author)lemonie2012-03-13

who are you

lemonie (author)FRANCESCA452012-03-13


FRANCESCA45 (author)lemonie2012-03-14

so your a christan

lemonie (author)FRANCESCA452012-03-14

No, I used to have long hair and a beard, so that's what a lot of my friends still call me.
The name you wanted would be Christian.


hellmaster993 (author)lemonie2012-03-20

thanks sorry about that

FRANCESCA45 (author)lemonie2012-03-15

me to.

thegeeke (author)lemonie2012-03-08

Who knows? ;)

rickharris (author)lemonie2012-03-08


hellmaster993 (author)thegeeke2012-03-09

why not i think it great man

thegeeke (author)hellmaster9932012-03-09

I was just kidding Rick. ;)

FRANCESCA45 (author)2012-03-13

thanks you to

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