Picture of my first gun
knex guns 043.jpg
what it looks like(or will look like 4 u)

1st pic=looks like this
2nd= all the things you'll make
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Step 1: Make the stock

first part (i might have 2 many photos)it takes forever to load them =/

Step 2: Stock cont'

just keep following the steps.

Step 3: Ram, loader, etc...

follow the pictures and continue on through steps 4 5 and 6 because i wanted to make it easier. ist hard scrolling to get a pic then moving back to the screen to see it

Step 4: Ram,loader, etc... cont'

follow steps AGAIN

Step 5: Ram, loader, etc... cont'

again, follow the steps

Step 6: Ram, loader, etc... cont'

last step for this

Step 7: Barrel extension

follow steps shown

Step 8: Make the handle now

just follow the steps

Step 9: Finally! We're ALMOST done!!!!!! Now make the ram cover

Picture of finally! We're ALMOST done!!!!!! Now make the ram cover
knex guns 129.jpg
just follow steps AGAIN

easy pictures and easiest step please dont be mad

Step 10: Connect it all together

gather all the parts and follow the steps ill point out the connection points for you