what it looks like(or will look like 4 u)

1st pic=looks like this
2nd= all the things you'll make
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Step 1: Make the stock

first part (i might have 2 many photos)it takes forever to load them =/

Step 2: Stock cont'

just keep following the steps.

Step 3: Ram, loader, etc...

follow the pictures and continue on through steps 4 5 and 6 because i wanted to make it easier. ist hard scrolling to get a pic then moving back to the screen to see it

Step 4: Ram,loader, etc... cont'

follow steps AGAIN

Step 5: Ram, loader, etc... cont'

again, follow the steps

Step 6: Ram, loader, etc... cont'

last step for this

Step 7: Barrel extension

follow steps shown

Step 8: Make the handle now

just follow the steps

Step 10: Connect it all together

gather all the parts and follow the steps ill point out the connection points for you