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Introduction: My Knex Creations NEW PICS

just some stuff i made



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    knex car- awesomeness! kfsr sniper- how can you love a block trigger? knex truck- awesomeness! its skeletony, but there is no solution without using a ton of parts.

    i agree with that about the car. it is awesome!!!

    kfsr sniper- how can you love a block trigger?

    Because they are the most reliable triggers there are. They are perfectly good, but people dislike them because they are over-used, non-innovative, and often posted on tube-and-stick, "simple and easy" guns.

    Because they are the most reliable triggers there are.

    Not really. they definately hold the pin back well, but they can be uncomfortable to use, i pulled a muscle in my finger with killerk's pistol. In the functionality category, they are the best thing, but ergonomically trues are better. That is qhy you get hybrids like in most of my rifles and the desert buzzard pistol by knex builder freak.

    Reliability and ergonomics are different things.

    hold on! It's not reliable if it is really hard or uncomfortable to use is it! Think about it, they form into one category in some ways. If the trigger is too high, then it is hard to use, and unreliable.If the trigger is stiff then you will get discomfort and possibly a break. That is ergonomically unfriendly and unreliable.

    Reliability is whether or not it fires each time you pull the trigger (or fires when you don't pull the trigger), not whether or not it is comfortable to pull the trigger. Re-li-a-ble –adjective that may be relied on; dependable in achievement, accuracy, honesty, etc.: reliable information.

    you have a point, but still, it's not reliable if you can't pull it down is it

    you have a point. My jackal .357 is not egronomically friendly, and the mag jams. wait, those problems are not related........