My Knex Gun With Grenade Launcher (mods Wanted)





Introduction: My Knex Gun With Grenade Launcher (mods Wanted)

a great gun witha military grenade launcher, i havent thought of a name for it so you guys can for me. this gun includes a bolt action single shot action and the grenade launcher is bolt action, it also is suitable for many mods if you want to modify it.

Step 1: Step 1 Barrel

pretty simple if you can do this dont build the gun

Step 2: Grenade Launcher

the mini device to add more gunto the equasion

Step 3: Stock/ Handle

exactly as i said stock/hndle deal with it

Step 4: Trigger


Step 5: Almost Done ,ram




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    how many pieces does it take????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    a brand of white out

    Not bolt action, ;) Bolt action is different than just pulling a ram back...

    bolt action is where you pull a lever up then back, then you load a shell and push the lever forward and down.

    yea thats true for a turn bolt bolt action. but have you ever heard of the mannlicher straight pull  bolt action. you just pull it back.

    yes, but that also requires that you pull it back and push it forward, yours does not do that.

    yes but ive tried a bolt action like design with a orange as the bolt handle and pushing it foward slowd it down but if you were to create a bolt that didnt slow it alot that may work.

    realy cool gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can never dezine a knex gun with a good trigger the make abiger version of the grenade launcher and you have a bad trigger gun but good grenade launcher i see a bigger version of your grenade launcher on youtube and i see a lot i mean a lot of vids on how to make it i mean duh it's really simple i mean really simple and there are big,small versions

    if u want a mod add a scope to it and mod the stock and handle for comfort

    reminds me of a picture with someone who has too much time in their hands

    no they are thick ruber bands