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Introduction: My Workshop

nothing much.just were i create the knex guns and come up with my own.



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    wow!!! more pepeole have viseted this than my others.

    My office is a lot bigger than yours! 800 square feet!

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    wow. thats amazing. i plan to get a bigger room soon. im looking at warehouses.

    Sounds big.... you should make one from knex!

    Welll, I consider my whole basement mine, witch is actually 1300, but I didn't include my dads office or the bathroom/sauna.

    I assume you're still living at home or your in college. People will always find a way to pursue their creative interests in whatever space they have available. Not bad. It's an efficient use of space and it doubles as a desk. When I was a teenager, My brother and I moved all of the furniture out of our bedroom and mounted the closet door horizontally beneath the windows on top of what used to be a dresser with a vanity mirror. We put a tall dresser in the closet. We had all kinds of hand tools, power tools, bike parts, dismantled electronics, model kits and even small wood working projects in there. It basically became workshop with a bed in it. Our Mom hated it especially when she found a giant square spray paint stain on the carpet. That and she stepped on a nail or something one day. We never did figure out what it was exactly. She never went in there again. She made us do our own laundry after that because of it. I think she would like your setup a lot more. Good job.

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    thanks yours sounds awesome. I like my one because it is eficient. it used to be a bunk underneath but it had mould on so we chucked it. it just looks smart.