Make local headlines with this cool April Fools trick. 

And you know what else, because this Instructable has bird feet in it, I can enter it in the birds contest.  And you can too!  Just make something involving birds in some way.  https://www.instructables.com/id/Birds-a-little-challengecontest/

Step 1: Materials

2 or 3 pairs of flipflops, the cheap kind        $3   (Goodwill often has these for about a buck a pair)
1 small jar of WeldWood contact cement    $3
sharpie or other pen

thicker flexible foam (like the inside of a Dance Dance Revolution pad)
foam cutter
vapor mask

<p>Put your own bare feet into a plaster cast or cement pad bury it in the back yard for someone to find in a few thousand years. Let them or whomever get excited over it.</p>
would work in snow to
This is a joke?
Love the bird prints!
Oh that is a great idea! Don't forget to go &quot;pigeon toed&quot; when making those dinosaur tracks!
Very Cool!!..
By the end of this I was grinning so widely. Now I have such devious ideas. Great instructable. :)
hehe! thank you! =)
love this,how fun!
This very much reminds me of what a nutty biology teacher I had claimed to have done. He made a set of big chicken tracks and stamped them all around a local pond. Then he wrote a letter to the editor, saying that all the talk about a monster being seen in the pond area was a bunch of hokum. <br> <br>Nobody had seen a monster (or even heard of one there) until he denied its existance, then everybody was seeing it.
that is so funny!
hah! that's funny! I remember, I think it was in the Dirk Gently series by Douglas Adams, that is where I first saw that protest and deny it approach to tempting interest:
Epic :) these would be fun to bring on a hike or something, were it is out in the wilderness, yet would still be seen by a lot of people :)
Yeah, I think you could probably get some Yeti rumors started! ;)
That is so clever. You can really freak people out with those.
Thank you ChrysN!

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