Picture of mysterious feet
Make local headlines with this cool April Fools trick. 

And you know what else, because this Instructable has bird feet in it, I can enter it in the birds contest.  And you can too!  Just make something involving birds in some way.  http://www.instructables.com/id/Birds-a-little-challengecontest/

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
2 or 3 pairs of flipflops, the cheap kind        $3   (Goodwill often has these for about a buck a pair)
1 small jar of WeldWood contact cement    $3
sharpie or other pen

thicker flexible foam (like the inside of a Dance Dance Revolution pad)
foam cutter
vapor mask

Step 2: Measure your feet

Picture of measure your feet
Measure the width and length of the flipflops you have chosen to sacrifice for this project.

Scale and print out your chosen footprints to fit reasonably within the area of the bottom of the sole of the shoe.

Step 3: Trace the footprints

Picture of trace the footprints
Using a sharpie or some other pen, trace the outlines of the footprints of your choosing onto the bottoms of one pair of flipflops

Step 4: Cut out the shapes

Picture of cut out the shapes
Using a big pair of scissors (or a foam cutter), cut out the footprint shapes.

Remember to make left and right images, if they should be mirrored, remember to do that. 

Step 5: Prepare the glue

Picture of prepare the glue
Lay out the shoe and the shape. 

Apply the contact cement to the footprint shape.

Press it onto the bottom of the shoe so you can see where to apply glue there.

Remove it again.

Apply glue to the shoe in the places where the footprint will be attached.

Lay the two separated pieces out somewhere with good ventilation.

Let that set for 15 minutes.

Step 6: Put them together

Picture of put them together
After 15 minutes have elapsed, put the footprints onto their respective shoes, matching up the glue.  It should hold firmly and still be flexible.

Step 7: Go stomp around

Picture of go stomp around
Go outside somewhere sandy or muddy and walk around.

Admire your strange footprints.

Hide in the bushes and see if any passers by notice it.

Hee hee har!

nemoyoder1 year ago
would work in snow to
oviiic2 years ago
This is a joke?
foobear (author)  oviiic2 years ago
bajablue2 years ago
Love the bird prints!
jaguar bone2 years ago
Oh that is a great idea! Don't forget to go "pigeon toed" when making those dinosaur tracks!
billbillt2 years ago
Very Cool!!..
iTixle2 years ago
By the end of this I was grinning so widely. Now I have such devious ideas. Great instructable. :)
foobear (author)  iTixle2 years ago
hehe! thank you! =)
drwebster2 years ago
love this,how fun!
RangerJ2 years ago
This very much reminds me of what a nutty biology teacher I had claimed to have done. He made a set of big chicken tracks and stamped them all around a local pond. Then he wrote a letter to the editor, saying that all the talk about a monster being seen in the pond area was a bunch of hokum.

Nobody had seen a monster (or even heard of one there) until he denied its existance, then everybody was seeing it.
that is so funny!
foobear (author)  RangerJ2 years ago
hah! that's funny! I remember, I think it was in the Dirk Gently series by Douglas Adams, that is where I first saw that protest and deny it approach to tempting interest:
pokemech2 years ago
Epic :) these would be fun to bring on a hike or something, were it is out in the wilderness, yet would still be seen by a lot of people :)
foobear (author)  pokemech2 years ago
Yeah, I think you could probably get some Yeti rumors started! ;)
ChrysN2 years ago
That is so clever. You can really freak people out with those.
foobear (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
Thank you ChrysN!