Nail Art Hack 2 (marble Nails) for Cheap Nail Enamels





Introduction: Nail Art Hack 2 (marble Nails) for Cheap Nail Enamels

marble nail art with use of water can get messy, trust me i tried it all took me three day to remove the entire nail enamel from my hands and fingers.

so this is a little hack i do to play with marble nails ;)

enjoy :)

you people might feel that the water idea is alot better then this one. but trust me i tried the water one. i think the fault is with my nail enamels they are not as expensive as the opi and essie and because of this they don't really form swirls etc.

opi / essie are like 1500rps

where as

mine are for 150-200rps.

Step 1: Things You Need + Process

For this nail art, you'll need:

A container filled with water

Nail polish remover


Nail polishes of your choice

Base coat

Top coat

Tooth picks

Cotton swabs


An old towel

ziplock bag

Add the nail varnish to the cup. Put some nail varnish on the brush. Hold it 1 cm above the centre of the waters edge.Gently tap the handle of the brush until the varnish drips into the water. Add a second colour in the same way into true middle of fat colour. Carry on the pattern in this way.With the needle draw some lines in the colors. This will make everything swirl and twist, and be wonderful!

Step 2: Saving It on Ziplock Bag

press the ziplock bag on top of the bottle to pick the design on the ziplock bag. make sure not to destroy the design.

let it dry, ( over night is prefferable)

Step 3: In the Mourning

peel off the nail stencil.

apply nail colour

cut and paste your stencil of top to adhere on the wet nail polish.

peel the extra stencil off.

ur nail art is ready.

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    Not if you use acetone, especially if you do it when it's wet.

    1 reply

    i tried. but i think nail enamels matter. we can't really affort opi and essie in pakistan. they cost us around 1500rps etc.

    where as the nail enamel i used is of around 200rps.

    There's no mess if you use water and dip your finger in, so much easier and nicer than this way.

    1 reply

    i tried. but difficult to remove nail enamel from fingers :)

    This is brilliant! I've always wanted to try to do marbled nails but the time and mess always discouraged me. I'll have to try this technique!

    1 reply

    sake reason, the mess was too much