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I am tired of all the recalls on the food we eat and all the chemicals that are allowed in and on the things we eat. This project is to try raising my own fish and vegetables during winter.  It is a work in progress. I have changed things a few times already, the newest experiment is a natural heating source to raise the temperature of the water in my aquaponics. It is really simple, I placed two sheets of metal under my grow beds. then connected them with a piece of chain. then I filled it with wood chips. Any compost material might work but wood chips don't stink.

What is suppose to happen is the inside of the wood chips should heat up as they start the decomposs process. Being hot air rises it should warm my grow beds and the water in them. this in turn will go back into the fish tank and warm the water there too.


Lectric Wizard (author)2013-11-28

If you add some green materials such as grass clippings it will help with the decomposition/ heat generation ( don't overdo or you could cook your buddies). Also keep it moist. Cheers!

mnewtonsr (author)Lectric Wizard2013-11-28

that is why i didn't take it clear to the top, i wanted to see how much heat came off the wood chips first. what is nice is i can throw my clippings from the plants right underneath too (don't have much grass now) and if i disconnect the chain i can open one side up to remove some. or take it out for planting in spring. thank you for your responds

ulysses1174 (author)mnewtonsr2014-10-12

Here's an article on building decomposing heaters for poly tunnel greenhouses. Hope it helps.

Trustthapo (author)2013-12-23

I'd still add a thermostat controlled aquarium or pond heater to your stock tank. If you're using tropical fish (like Tilapia), temperatures below 70-65F could lead to growth stunting, diseases like ich, death from stress, etc.

mnewtonsr (author)Trustthapo2013-12-23

i put a heater in it,

charlie1323 (author)2013-11-28


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