Picture of wood log display
Irritating tree stump -> cool gift idea

On a visit to Colorado, I came across this crystal in a "Rare Things" store. The funny thing about this particular crystal was the name- cavansite. My girlfriend at the time's last name was Cavin, originating from Cavan of Ireland.
Anywho, the name of the crystal comes from it being hydrated Calcium Vanadium Silicate. Ca-Van-Site.
You get the picture.

Well, I thought this would be an awesome gift for her, but it is EXTREMELY fragile. It was displayed on a bed of table salt in the store.
After some thought, I pieced this together when I got home.

I had recently cut a log of ebony from this stump-bush in the back yard that nobody likes. I also had saved some sand from Carmel Beach - some of the finest sand you may ever find, it actually squeaks when you kick it - from a trip to California ages ago.
Along with some plexiglass from the hardware store, access to a woodshop, and a dremel, this all came together.
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Step 1: The wood

Picture of The wood
I don't have a picture of the log this started out as, but it was about 2 feet long, and 10 inches in diameter more or less. I started off by making some rough cuts with the table saw, cutting a section about 6 x 6 x 4 with 3 smooth cut sides and the last (front) rough bark. I then cut the bottom flat and the top at an angle tilting forward.
Most of this was done on a feel, and was not really planned out too much.

The outlined score in the center of the top is where I would carve a basin to put the sand bed and crystal. The to scores along to back and left side were to mark where I wanted to trim more off later.
this is quite pretty. cheers!
Super cool and beautiful! Great instructions too.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Nice! Very professional looking. Can you post some better pics (try macro)
DeLorean4905 (author)  LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Well these were the best I took, and my ex actually has this thing now... lol I really wish I had taken some shots of the log, and during the process of cutting and such. Although this thing kinda got away from me at one point- the jointer threw it across the room. ...after it bounced off my forearm. I still have the scar. haha
Damn exes!